ClientEarth Revamps its Identity with the Help of Apropos

26 Sep 2020 | Création

ClientEarth has revolutionised the fight to protect life on our planet, you may be excused for not being aware of its far-reaching work – not least because it has been working through the system rather than against it, which doesn’t produce as exciting headlines as Greenpeace’s activism for example. Now, a new brand identity developed in collaboration with London and Geneva based creative agency Apropos may very well change that.                                                                                                                                           

From a new logo, stationery and website, to new outdoor and digital campaigns, ClientEarth’s bold rebranding reflects its visionary mission but as importantly projects a contemporary, dynamic and relatable identity that cuts through the noise. While the trimmed, orb-like logo embraces an elegant simplicity that’s perfect for the information age, the combination of custom-made, nature-inspired gradients and a clear-cut typeface imbues both the NGO’s print and digital assets with a dreamy yet forthright, modern sensibility that demands your attention.