Cristina Celestino signs a seven room capsule collection for Palazzo Avino Hôtel

22 Sep 2020 | Design

Palazzo Avino is a five stars hotel situated in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
It was originally built in the 12th century as a noble residence and has undergone many transformations over the centuries.A careful renovation started in 1997 by the entrepreneur Giuseppe Avino, then carried out by his daughters, the sisters Mariella and Attilia Avino, transformed the ancient building into the new place to be in the Amalfi Coast. Furnishing and rugs were designed by Cristina Celestino specifically for the hotel. She took inspiration from the elements featured in the original architecture “color, texture and surfaces, the boundary between earth and sea, classicism and orientalism, indoors and outdoors”. The new designs perfectly reflect Cristina Celestino’s style but also create a dialogue with the building and the surrounding nature.