1 Nov 2020 | Création

The creative upcycling of a Portuguese designer transforming textiles into signature rugs and tapestries

Since 2014, Portuguese designer Vanessa Barragão has realized beautifully personal (and sustainable) rugs with the wasted scraps of fabric from the industry. Reproducing underwater worlds on modern rugs and tapestries, she hopes not only to create a stunning object, but also to underline the need for designers to do their part in reusing materials and returning to classic crafts like crocheting or embroidery. Considering her birthplace, it’s hard to imagine things any other way. Raised by the coast, Vanessa has introjected and metabolized the presence of the ocean, letting it become the inspiration for her own works: coral reefs combining craftsmanship and recycled materials through elaborate design rugs and tapestries for the wall.