Aesop opts for a more luxurious store at Piccadilly Arcade

18 Oct 2020 | Design, Non classé

Geometric floor tiles, marble fixtures and flesh-coloured hues appear inside this Aesop store in central London, which has been designed by film director Luca Guadagnino.

The Aesop store is set on the corner of London’s Piccadilly Arcade, a covered passageway of luxury shops that includes fine jewellery boutiques, bespoke tailors and small-scale art galleries.

Its opening marks the second time that the director’s Milan-based Studio Luca Guadagnino has worked with the skincare brand. Back in October 2018 the studio designed Aesop’s Rome outpost, decking it out in roughened stone and rose-coloured marble to echo the materiality of the city’s ancient buildings.

Aesop Piccadilly Arcade is the 16th store that the brand has opened in London – others around the city include one in the affluent Chelsea neighbourhood, which features 12 floor-to-ceiling clay arches and another in Shepherd’s Bush where walls are entirely lined in grey felt.