1990’s spirit for a coffee bar in Montreal

18 Nov 2020 | Design

Caffettiera Caffé Barin downtown Montreal, the Studio was inspired by the exuberant design of the 1990s and the Italians’ coffee-centric lifestyle, to create a relaxed yet playful all-day environment where you can stop by for a quick espresso in the morning as well as decamp after work for an aperitif and a bite to eat. Splashes of bright candy colours and a graphic language of mix and match geometric shapes, the 1990’s-inspired interior design imbues the café with a jovial sensibility and playful elegance but it’s also a nod to the owner’s fond memories of 1990s Italy when the country “still had its own currency, a less turbulent political climate and the best soccer team”. 

Reupholstered vintage chairs found in classified ads and pendant lights made with yellow telephone wire enhance this sense of nostalgia, as does the collection of vintage books, stickers, toys and photographs from the 1990s that the designers have scattered throughout the space. In Italy, coffee bars are not just about the coffee, they are an opportunity to take a break from your day or meet friends, and Cafeteria’s nostalgic elegance taps into this lifestyle with laidback poise.